Please upload a two-page abstract in pdf format. 

Research abstracts that emphasize innovative device concepts and physical phenomena leading to new devices are particularly encouraged. Abstracts should state the purpose of the work, specific results, and how high-performance device technology is advanced. Topics of submission include but are not limited to the following areas:

  • High frequency devices: RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave transistors, diodes and detectors, and other high-frequency concepts; novel device technologies for improved performance (electrical, thermal, etc.)
  • Power switching and energy-efficient devices: high power and high voltage transistors, diodes, and other components for power conversion and control applications, including advanced processing and device design.
  • Optoelectronic devices: optical emitters for communication and sensing, LEDs for solid state lighting and communication, UV LEDs detectors, lasers, high-efficiency photovoltaics and photo detectors, and other optoelectronic device concepts 
  • High performance devices in III-Vs and emerging materials: new materials and phenomena, concepts for next-generation logic devices, and other devices such as bioelectronics, chemical/biological sensors, MEMs devices/systems etc.

 The first page should contain the abstract text, with the second page for figures.  See below for examples:



The abstract deadline is May 18, 2020, so make sure to get your submissions in by then! We expect to get back to authors in June with information about abstract acceptance, and additional conference information.

University of Notre Dame Engineering Conferences